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Is Your Data Vulnerable to Cyber-Hacked or Data-Breached?
Find Out Potential Hidden Cyber Threats Before Hacker Do? 

Cybersecurity Associates, Inc. (CyberLawAssociates.com) is full-service cybersecurity consulting, an advisory firm specialized in Information Technology (IT), Cyber Security and Compliance, Data Security (DS), Data Protection (DP), Data Privacy (DP). We specialized in Technologies Integration, Audits, Complex Enterprise Risk Assessments, Cyber-Hacked, and Cyber-Breached Investigation. We work and offer our services to 3rd party services provider (Attorney, IT Auditors, Investigators, and  Support Legal Litigation related to Cyber-Hacked, or Cyber Breach.

  • IT A-Z Planning, Development and Engineering and Re-Engineering (Upgrades or Complete Relocation)
  • Information Security Model Planning, Development, Deployment, and Support
  • Complex Cybersecurity and Compliance Risk Assessment
  • Complex Internal, External, and Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Service as “Cyber Security Expert or Expert Witness”
  • Cyber Security Electronic Discovery  or E-Discovery Experts
  • Cyber Crime Pre & Post Analysis & Assessments
  • Cyber Crimes & Countermeasures for Protection
  • Cyber Security & Data Privacy & Protection
  • Cyber Security Incidents, Investigation
  • Cyber Ransom Attacks, Investigation
  • Legal Regulatory Compliance & Internal Audits
  • Corporate, InfoSec, Legal and Regulatory Policy Alignments
  • Cyber Security Data Breaches, Data Privacy
  • Cyber Security Data Transpiration to Cross Border Security Risk Assessment

We Offer Specialize Cyber-Centric Services.
Find Out Potential Hidden Cyber Threats Before Hacker Do?

Our 22 years of IT Audits, Consulting, and Integration to help companies to build a Hack-Proof Infrastructure.
Take Action to Stop Cyber Threats Today and Engage our Expertise!  

  • A-Z Rock-Solid Enterprise Planning, Designing, Development, Implementation, and Support
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Port Scanning
  • Data Security
  • Penetrating Testing
  • Website Security
  • Cloud Application Security
  • Cloud Data Security