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Cybersecurity Associates, Inc. is a full-service cybersecurity consulting and advisory firm that specializes in Information Technology (IT), Cyber Security and Compliance, Data Security (DS), Data Protection (DP), and Data Privacy (DP). Our experts specialize in Technology Integration, Audits, Complex Enterprise Risk Assessments, Cyber-Hacked, and Cyber Breach Investigations. We implement Cyber laws compliance frameworks to secure our clients. We are neither a law firm nor an attorney and we cannot give you legal advice. In the event that you need legal advice, you should contact an attorney.



-Cyber Threats Analysis
-Compliance Readiness / Analysis
-Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
-Enterprise Risk Assessment
-Cloud Application Risk Assessment
-IT Security Consulting, Audits and Advisory
-3rd Party External Audits
-NIST 800 Series Standards Deployments
-ISO 27005 Risk Management Program Development
-ISO 27000 IT Governance Program Development
-ISO 27001/02 Information Security Policy Program Development
-BS25999 Business Continuity Program Development
-Fraud Detection and Prevention
-Internal Security Risk Assessment Audits
-External (3rd party) Security Risk Assessment Audit and Certification
-E-Hacking and Authorized Penetrating Testing and Threats Assessment
-Vulnerabilities Risk Assessments ( Data, Network, Application, Systems, End-Point)
-Risk Assessment and Mitigation Program Development and Management
-Technologies Gap Analysis
-Data Breach / Hack Incidents Investigation
-Control Audit and Analysis
-Process Audit and Analysis
-Businesses Impact Analysis(BIA)
-Data Impact Analysis(DIA)
-Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA)
-Control Analysis and Evaluation
-Development of Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines Development
-BCP/DRP Program Development & Management
-Fraud Detection and Prevention Risk Analysis
-IT Governance Security Best Practices
-IT Security Project Management
-IT Staff Augmentation and Technology Support
-Security Awareness Program Development
-On-Site Security Training and Knowledge Transfer
-Ground Zero to Simple or Complex Enterprise Start-Up
– IT Solutions Planning, Development, Implementation, Deployment, and Support